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Many times, parents avoid engaging in STEM activities with their children for fear that they lack the requisite STEM knowledge. However, there are many everyday activities in which parents can engage with children that will help children to better understand the STEM content presented in school. Below are activities that we have created for parents. As you engage in these activities with your children, raise a lot of questions, even if you do not have answers. And have fun!

Sunday Morning Jam Session: Making and Canning Strawberry Jam (Full Text)

This activity provides opportunities for children to learn several principles and skills, including: practice measuring, the importance of accurate measurement, the importance and meaning of cleanliness, strategies for cleanliness, and reasons and ways that humans process food.

Black Family Movie Night: Surrogates (Full Text)

This activity provides opportunities for children to become critical consumers of media and to think critically about the following: the use and misuse of technology in society, the idea that technology is synonymous with advancement, and the use of media to mislead people.

Family Activities

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