Theoretical Publications*
  • Mutegi, J. W., Phelps-Moultrie, J. A., & Pitts Bannister, V. R. (2018). The snare of systemic racism and other challenges confronting hip hop based pedagogy. Teachers College Record, 120(11), 1-17. 

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  • Pitts Bannister, V. R., Davis, J., Mutegi, J. W., Thompson, L. R., & Lewis, D. D. (2017). "Returning to the root" of the problem: Improving the social condition of African Americans through science and mathematics education. Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum, 7(1), 4-14. (Full Text)

  • Mutegi, J. W., & Pitts Bannister, V. R. (2014). A critical analysis of hip hop pedagogy: Guest editors’ commentary. African American Learners, 3(1-2). (Full Text)

  • Davis, J. L., Pitts-Bannister, V. R., & Mutegi, J. W. (2014). Hip-hop and mathematics: A critical review of Schooling Hip-Hop: Expanding Hip-Hop Based Education Across the Curriculum. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 7(1), 96-106. (Full Text)

  • Mutegi, J. W. (2013). "Life's first need is for us to be realistic" and other reasons for examining the sociocultural construction of race in the science performance of African American students. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 50, 82-103. (Full Text)

  • Mutegi, J. W. (2011). The inadequacies of “science for all” and the necessity and nature of a socially transformative curriculum approach for African American science education. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 48, 301-316.

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  • Lewis, B. F. (2003). A critique of literature on the underrepresentation of African Americans in science: Directions for future research. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 9, 361-373. (Full Text)

  • Lewis, B. F., & Aikenhead, G. S. (2001). Introduction: Shifting perspectives from universalism to cross-culturalism. Science Education, 85, 3-5. (Full Text)

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Theoretical Publications

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