As part of our work, the (ES)2 STEM Learning Lab produces socially transformative STEM education materials for K-12 students and teachers. Below are lesson plans that we have created. Feedback on your implementation of these lessons is always welcome!

What Can I Learn from Seeds?: The Importance (and Potential Harm) of Scientific Classification (Full Text)

In this lesson, students explore the practice of classification in scientific work. They learn that this practice is central, subjective, and potentially harmful for African people. They also practice the skill of classification by developing their own classification system for seeds.

Good Health for African People: Vital Signs (Full Text)

In this lesson, students learn the importance of health to human existence. They also learn to (a) take measurement of 5 vital signs (height, weight, temperature, blood pressure and pulse), and (b) record these measures in a health log. Students will be introduced to the concept of “normalcy” as it relates to measures of vital signs.

Fire Craft for African Men (Full Text)

This lesson introduces students to fire craft. The lesson provides students an opportunity to learn the basic materials needed in fire craft and the basic process of fire craft. It is designed to be implemented in a setting that allows students to build fire.

Lesson Plans

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