• Mutegi, J. W., Morton, C. H., Yost, R. W., Porter, T. N., Hill, J. H. & Willey, C. J., Carver Teaching Initiative - Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Teaching Professionals through Internships, Recruitment, and Engagement (CTI-INSPIRE) (Proposal # 1758481). National Science Foundation - IUPUI. (PI; $1,448,247; Submission Date: August 29, 2017; Funded). (Project Summary)

  • Mutegi, J. W. Study of the Career Considerations of High-Achieving, Underrepresented Minority, High School Students: Growing the STEM Teacher Workforce. DRIVE Award - IUPUI. (PI; $15,000; Submission Date: March 1, 2016; Funded). (Project Abstract)

  • El-mounayri, H. A., Mutegi, J. W., Agarwal, M., Joglekar, Y. N., & Feldaus, C. Nanotechnology Experiences for Students and Teachers (NEST) (Proposal  #1513112). National Science Foundation – DRL (Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers). (Co-PI; $1,061,245.00; Submission Date: November 6, 2014; Funded). (Project Summary)

  • Rizkalla, M. E., Zhu, L., Mutegi, J. W., Agarwal, M., & Feldaus, C. Research Experiences for Teacher Advancement in Nanotechnology (RETAIN) (Proposal  #1406995). National Science Foundation – EEC (Research Experiences for Teachers). (Co-PI; $494,220.00; Submission Date: November 6, 2013; Funded). (Project Summary)


This page provides a list of ES2RP grants that are currently active and a brief description of each.

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