About the (ES)2 STEM Learning Lab

Atomic structure, biomes, quadratic equations, angular velocity, eukaryotes vs. prokaryotes, two variable equations… these are just a few of the thousands of STEM concepts that children are made to learn each day in schools. The reality, however, is that most of these concepts are virtually meaningless to the millions of students who are compelled to master them. For most non-scientists (and for many scientists) mastery of this canon is not needed in order to live rich, rewarding lives neither personally nor professionally. At the same time there are many meaningful STEM concepts that are rarely, if ever included as part of the canon. What is the cause of diabetes? How is my income tax rate determined? Is it safe to eat raw meat? How do you train a dog? How much money should I save each year? What is the healthiest food for babies to eat?


In our efforts to engage STEM education as a vehicle for improving the social condition of African people, members of the (ES)2 STEM Learning Lab are sensitive to the importance of the traditional canon in light of the lived experiences of today's STEM learners.

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Principle Investigator

Jomo W. Mutegi

Graduate Assistants

Ronald Cunningham

Vanessa Gee

Chanae D. Palmer

Undergraduate Researchers

Cianna Anderson

Lance Howard

Friends of (ES)2

Vanessa Pitts Bannister

Julius L. Davis

Crystal Hill Morton

Jada Phelps-Moultrie

Demetrice Smith-Mutegi

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